Qi Which?

Both Qigong (or Chi Kung) and Tai Chi Chuan are ancient Chinese arts that promote relaxation, stress relief, health, and longevity through cultivation of chi—the life force within and around us.

Movements are slow and gentle, combining mindful, deeply calming postures, precise alignment and coordinated breathing.

energy work or breath/spirit cultivation

Qigong, which translates as energy work or breath/spirit cultivation, is practiced mostly standing, while Tai Chi progresses across the floor in dance-like steps. Both include arm gestures and torso turns designed to stimulate chi.

Qigong exercises facilitate the flow of chi along the meridians, channels and reservoirs of Chinese acupuncture. In fact, prescribing these exercises are part of the traditional Chinese doctor’s healing arts, along with acupuncture, herbs, massage and other methods.

Qigong exercises are repeated like calisthenics, making them easier to memorize than the Tai Chi series, or form.

And Qigong postures mimic some of the movements in the Tai Chi form, making them excellent practice for learning Tai Chi.